INSTALLATION – Assure yourself that you and your installer or other agents are aware of the unique technical and logistical issues associated with mosaic purchase and installation. 

Aquatic Mosaics LLC. is not a contractor and does not perform or contract for the installation of any product.  Aquatic Mosaics LLC shall not assume responsibility, nor shall it be liable for a contractor’s work or the installation of any of its products.  By placing an order of any of our products you agree to the conditions of this warranty.

ONE-YEAR WARRANTY – Aquatic Mosaics LLC. warrants all of its products to be free from defects for the period of (1) one year from the date of original purchase.  In the event of a latent defect caused by improper manufacture, Aquatic Mosaics LLC. will provide a replacement mosaic at no cost to the client.  Labor costs for removing the existing product and for installing the replacement product is not included in this warranty.  This warranty does not cover damages caused by acts of nature or abuse of the product.  Aquatic Mosaics LLC.’s maximum liability on any claim made by anyone shall be limited to and shall not exceed the price for the goods purchased from Aquatic Mosaics LLC. 

Our mosaics are ceramic and they are not frost proof, therefore installing any of our mosaics in areas subject to extreme seasonal temperature variations is not recommended or warranted by Aquatic Mosaics LLC.  There are characteristics that can be inherent to the manufacturing of handmade clay mosaics such as irregularity in shape, size, shade, color and surface texture. Such characteristics should be anticipated in handmade clay mosaics.  This warranty does not cover any defect, visual or otherwise, that is apparent prior to installation.  Inspect the product once received as use constitutes acceptance.

In order to initiate a warranty claim, please contact Customer Service at management@aquaticmosaics.com